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001. NAME: hey everyone my name is Mary Cassidy
002. AGE: 15
003. LoCATioN: TeXaS
004. SiNGLE//TAKEN: single but soon to be taken!
000.iF TAKEN, FoR HoW LoNG?:
005. HAiR CoLoR: Brown
006. EYE CoLoR: Hazel
007. TURN oNS: nice hair, smart, keeps clean, plays a sport, knows how to have fun!
008. TURN oFFS: bad hair, bad breath, long nails, lazy
009. HoBBiES//iNTERESTS: karate, soccer, orchestra, track (hurdles)!! I like to try just bout everything!
010. ACToR: Paul Walker <--- o yeah!
011. ACTRESS:sandra bullock
012. MoViE: Walk to Remember!! <-- wHo DoEsnT !
013. SiNGER: aMy LeE
014. BAND: *Matchbook Romance* <<< bada** band check em out!
015. SoNG: only ashes by something corporate
016. AUTHoR: ... DunO?
017. BooK: ... i donT LikE 2 ReaD a Lot oF bOOkS bUt LovE tEEn VoGuE!!
019. HANGoUT: my place or tHe maLL
020. PLACES To SHoP: AE Wet SeaL ummm newhere with cute cLotHes!
021. FooD: Hot pockets!
022. VACATioN SPoT: Maryland in the winter!
023. MAKE-UP LiNE: ???
024. BEACH oR oCEAN: Beach ... lYiNg iN tHe SanD tHe SouNd oF tHe WaTeR!
025. TAN iN A CAN, TANNiNG BooTH, oR NATURAL TAN: NaturaL tan of course sOmE oF mY FriEndS gO tO TaNNinG BooTh aNd TheY ComE oUt LooKinG OraNgE ...!
026. PiNK oR BLUE: PinK oF CouRsE!
027. BiKiNi oR TANKiNi: Bikini
028. SiLVER oR GoLD: Silver
029. BRiTNEY oR CHRiSTiNA: ..... Christina
030. SURFiNG oR SHoPPiNG: Surfing
-oN LoVE-
031. Do YoU FLiRT ALoT: yup
032. EXPLAiN WHAT 'YoUR TYPE oF GiRL/BoY' iS: my type of guy would have to be .... athletic likes to keep himself in shape! He would always know how to make me smile when Im having a bad day! He would have nice hair with an osum smile <-- that would be nice! ummm someone who can be himself round me all the time and not put on act!!
033. HoW MANY PEoPLE THAT YoU DiDNT KNoW Too WELL HAVE YoU KiSSED: I would have to say one!
034. HoW MANY PEoPLE HAVE YoU KiSSED iN GENERAL?: hmmm maybe 6
035. HAVE YoU EVER BEEN iN LoVE//ARE YoU iN LoVE?: o yeah ... no
036. ANNA NiCoLE SMiTH: She has her own little world ... but she is pretty when she lost all that weight!
037. SKiN CANCER: its a scary thought!
038. PARiS HiLToN: wow shes gorgeous!
039: GAY//LESBiAN MARRiAGES: dont mind at all if you love someone doesnt matter what sex they are aS LonG aS yOu LovE TheM~
040. CHAD MiCHAEL MURRAY: what a StUd!!!
042. HiLLARY DUFF: shes pretty! shes got a lot going for HeR
043. UNDERAGE PREGNANCY: wish young gurls would thik before they do that but i have no problem!
044. MiSCHA BARToN: never heard ?!?!
045. SEX BEFoRE MARRiAGE: dont have a problem but im waiting till im married!
046. MARY KATE & ASHLEY oLSEN: wow dont we all wish to be like them
047. PLASTiC SURGERY: god made you the way u are so be ThaNkFuL!
048. CHRiSTiNA AGUiLERA: Strong voice!
049. ALCohoL: some people do it for the wrong reasons! I hate it cause my friend had a problem and dont wana end up like him!
050. BRiTNEY SPEARS: shes pretty
+ SHoW US THE LiNK To THE PLACE YoU PRoMoTED US: I got a ? how do u
+ WERE YoU iNViTED? no
iF So, BY WHo?
+ AND FiNALLY, TELL US SoMETHiNG iNTERESTiNG ABoUT YoURSELF: WeLL I have bEEn in karate for 6 years and I am a 2nd degrEE black belt! I have a twin sister ... we're 16 mins. apart .... we dont look alike nor think aLike! but waNa know more just ask!

sOmE PiCtuReS ....

^ ThatS mE! ^

^ iM sOmEwhErE iN TheRe ^

^ uP cLosE PiCtuRe ^

HopE YoOu LikE !
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