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* skool *

Okay gals sorry ive been a little busy latly w. skool an all, but I updated the site so evryone can read it now lol.

But anywayz.. skools been great :) , well I have the lunch w. all my fwiendz.. exept my bestfriend Liz.. but i have my other bestfriend David in my lunch.. (im trying to hook the 2 up.. lol) itz awsum being a sophmore tho, i dont get pickd on anymore haha, an i see Robby more this yr haha.. most of our classes r rite near each other lol.. & i have David calling me evry morning b4 skool.... thats great.. haha im jk. he actually woke me up on the 3rd day.. my alarm didint go off (cuz my ditzy mother set it..) an i mised the bus but itz all kool cuz my mom goes to work late anywyz an she woke up whn i did.. but thanx to David i got to skool lol.. well ahh! i feel like this is my own personal journal my bad! hahah.. i wud delite it all.. but i didint type that for nuttin lmao. anywayz tell me wht ya think of the colors an all! x0x0!! *Aly*

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